God Sent

I am truly blessed that God has given me this night to write you something for our first monthsary together, together as a couple, willed by God. Limited man ang ways to express lahat ng love na gusto kong mafeel mo for this day, I know you are just a prayer away from me… But because I asked, I know it will be given to me. I pray by now, as you start reading this post, that you will be blessed to feel my embraces and kisses magkaiba man tayo ng time and gano man tayo kalayo sa isa’t isa. My love will surely reach you.

It has been almost a year na nakilala kita and who could tell me na after a year we would be celebrating this day being one in heart. Hahaha, medyo nakakatawa din kung irereminsce ko pa yung times naten when we’re just starting building the friendship. It was bitter-sweet, tearful-happy kinda times. hahaha! Never perfect, never completely blissful.. but God truly had a purpose sa lahat ng nangyari and I just thank Him big time dahil He let me wait and reap the love na tinanim ko noon for you. Absolutely, a sweet fruit of love.

Pero I can’t say that I have been perfect, na ako lang ang nag-sow sa lahat. Nyikes ang dami ko din kakulitan and demands na I know nakapagpasakit ulo and nakapagpalayo sayo saken. And please understand na possible na di ko maiiwasan maging weak and magpadala sa mga emotions ko in the future, but with His help, I will do what He says, so we could walk hand in hand until the end of the race nang hindi ako makapag cause ng too much pain or worries sayo. I am just also asking na maging strong ka din for me on those times and dont give up on me easily.

I just want to walk with you hon, ikaw, ako, si God together… I wont ask for super big things. i just want to have a godly person na mkakausap ko about my faith, about His words… whom I can pray with at the start and end of the day. Someone na magshoshow saken ng love base sa love na binibigay saken ni God. And mamahalin ko din according sa love Niya. God knows what is inside my heart… and I pray na when He sees the desires of my heart makikita Niya na kapareho din ng nasa heart mo..

Honey, thank you for loving me. sa lahat ng time mo kahit gano ka kabusy sa work, lagi man ako nagtatampo..pero I want you to know that I really appreciate all the time and effort na binibigay mo saken and for our relationship…sa mga Words na sineshare mo saken. Sa good intentions na nasa heart mo..sa mga prayers mo… sa mga pag alala mo. Alam ko bago to sayu lahat, and I’m happy kasi I know you always try to make me happy.

I love you Nino! I really thank God for letting me love you and letting me be loved by you.

Godbless us honey! May our relationship be used for His glory.

Happy 1st month anniversary!